Round Rock Ranch 2012 Real Estate Market Report

How was the Real Estate Market in Round Rock Ranch for 2012?

The real estate market in the Greater Austin area and Round Rock saw some incredible growth in 2012. Round Rock Ranch also saw some growth and, after an extremely busing January, I finally had time to put this information together. The graph below gives a good summary of most of the information I have. Round Rock Ranch Real Estate

In 2012, 22.9% more homes sold in Round Rock Ranch versus 2011. While the number of homes sold increased, that growth has not yet translated to much growth in sales prices as the average sales price was $156,679 (+.8%) and the average price per square foot was $75.36 (+2.5%). Whiles values remained unchanged, the average home for sale in Round Rock Ranch sold in 5 less days in 2012 versus 2011 (41 days, -11% vs 2011).

What do these numbers mean for you if you are looking to buy or sell a home in Round Rock Ranch 2013? If you are looking to buy a home,  the number of homes on the market is shrinking and homes are selling faster so you will likely have less options and more competition from other buyers. Because homes are selling more quickly, you should also move fast to put a strong offer in once you have found a home you really like.

If you potentially looking to sell you home in Round Rock Ranch this year, I would expect to sales prices increase in 2013 because of the strong demand and limited inventory. You have chosen a great time to sell! Drop me a note to learn about how my progressive marketing plan can go to work for you!

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What is the Round Rock Ranch Neighborhood Like?

Neighborhood Profile for Round Rock Ranch

Data for Census Block 207.08/1
Age of Population

According to the most recent census data taken from the 2010 census, there are 2708 people in the neighborhood with an average household size of 3. A few other numbers that stood out, but click the link at the bottom for the full report.

In Round Rock Ranch, the population by age is primarily between the age of 25-64. Round Rock Ranch is also has a large number of kids, with 37% being 17 or younger.

Fifty-one percent of the population in Round Rock Ranch is female and 77% of households are married. Owner-occupied homes represent 88% of households in the neighborhood and 71% of the population are employed in the private sector with 11% being employed by the government.

Click Round Rock Ranch – Neighborhood Profile for the full report. If you have any help or questions on Round Rock Ranch, Contact Me today!

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Gattis Elementary School

Relationships, Relevance, Rigor

Gattis Elementary School is within Round Rock Ranch at 2920 Round Rock Ranch Road, Round Rock, Texas 78664. This elementary school is part of the prestigious Round Rock Independent School District and has a current enrollment of approximately 800 students. The most recent T.E.A. Rating (Texas Education Agency) for Gattis Elementary was EXEMPLARY! This is the highest possible rating and, to achieve this, a school must have 90% of students must pass two different tests and must have a dropout rate of no higher than .2%. Gattis Elementary has a great online parent resource center (Click Here) and an active PTA (Click Here). The campus vision statement is,  “At Gattis we will exceed Exemplary performance by fostering relationships between students, staff, and the community. We will cultivate college and career readiness through a relevant and rigorous curriculum.”

Home Values Increase in Round Rock Ranch – August 2012

Round Rock Ranch has seen a number of negative trends over the past few years across almost every key real estate metric. Average home sales prices, average price per foot and number of homes sold were at or almost at all-time lows in 2011. Last year, the average home in the Round Rock Ranch subdivision sold for $155,362 in 41 days and for $71.10 per square foot. While that could be depressing, 2012 has been a good year for Round Rock Ranch, which has seen positive changes across ever category.

Year to Date 2012

Round Rock Ranch is on pace to see 45 home sold this year, a 29% increase from last year! The average home sales price has gone up slightly to $155,744 and the average price per square foot has risen to $75.06. So far this year, the average home is also selling in only 39 days and for 98.8% of the asking price.

August 2012

While the year-to-date numbers for Round Rock Ranch are encouraging, the numbers for August are outstanding! While the sample is small (only 6 home sold), the average price has gone up to $162,667 and the average price per square foot has risen to $75.84. The number of days the average home sold for held steady at 40 and the average home sold for 98.7% of the listed price.

What About My Home?

A large number of factors are used to determine the value of your house and how much your home will sell for (yes, different numbers, depending on the market and how good your REALTOR is), including location, lot size, number of bedrooms & bathrooms, amenities and upgrades. An individual can sometimes get an idea of what they home would sell for by using the current price per square foot for their market (i.e. $75.84/sq.ft. x 2000 sq.ft. = $151,680). For a more accurate valuation of your home and or any questions about the real estate market in Round Rock Ranch, please contact me today!

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