IKEA Partners With IdeaBox to Create PreFab Home!

IKEA has reportedly teamed up with Ideabox, the Oregon based home designer, to create a pre-fabricated home packed with Ikea’s Swedish-style furniture, appliance and flooring.*

IdeaBox’s “Aktiv” model is a 1 bed, 1 bath 745 sqft. “euro designer flat” outfitted top to bottom with IKEA furniture and materials and typically priced at $86,500. According to IdeaBox, “it’s a house designed to live in… with all the fun. function, and practicality found in every ideabox!”
(Credit: IdeaBox)

Fortunately, it does not arrive as a truckload of long, flat-pack cardboard boxes that anyone who has purchased furniture at IKEA before is familiar with. Instead it will be delivered in just a couple of large pieces by semi.

As someone who has dealt numerous times with the frustrations of assembling a piece of IKEA furniture, this statement by Amanda Kooser, of CNET, had me laughing uncontrollably. She said that this home is a “sweet proposition for anyone who’s ever dreamed about moving into an IKEA store–or a nightmare for anyone who’s spent hours trying to assemble an IKEA dresser only to have it come out looking like a bookcase.”

Would this work in Austin? I think many people in Austin would identify with IdeaBox’s eco-friendly approach used with their customer base in Oregon. The compact home incorporates no hallways and numerous green materials and features such as VOC-free paint, low-flow pluming, a tankless water heater, fiber cement siding, and Energy Star appliances.

That being said, good luck, finding affordable places to build these homes without finding a way to convert them to multi-level condos. I foresee Austin to continue to go Green with tear-downs and new construction, but do not think that these kind of pre-fab homes will be the route to take us there.

Questions about green housing? Let me know and I would be happy to help!

*IKEA released a statement today that said “IKEA has not launched and is not selling prefabricated homes in the United States.” This is rather a collaboration between IdeaBox and IKEA Portland to furnish these homes with IKEA products.

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