What is the Milwood Neighborhood Like?

Neighborhood Profile for Milwood and Rattan Creek

Data from Census Block 204.11/2

According to data taken from the most recent U.S. Census taken in 2010 and from tax data, Milwood has approximately 1723 people living in the neighborhood, with the average household having 3 people. At the time of the census, the median home value was $200,200. Listed below are a few other statistics of note for the Milwood neighborhood in Austin, TX.

  • Average Household Income > $85,704
  • 63% of Residents are between the ages of 25-64 and 27% are 17 or younger
  • Homes with married couples make up 58% of the residents
  • 71% of residents have at least some college education
  • 74% of homes are owner occupied with the other 26% being rented out

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Household Income – Milwood (78729)

How is the Housing Market in Milwood? The July Report…

The Austin Board of Realtors recently released its number for the month of July and while the activity in Milwood was not as strong as the average for Austin, this subdivision still had some improvement from 2011. The number of sold units in Milwood shrunk 17% from 2011 versus a 13% increase in Austin as a whole.

A few other numbers of interest…

  • $194,407 – the average sales price in for a home in Milwood, a 4% increase versus 2011
  • 27 days – the average number of days a property takes to sell, down 36% from 42 days last year
  • 98.1% – the percent of list price that the average home sold for in July, up .7%
  • $101.64 – the average price per square foot a property sold for in Milwood, down 1.6% from $103.20 in 2011

While the number of units sold in Milwood in July of this year was less than in 2011, the average days on market and percent of list price vs. sale price saw positive changes. I would expect the average sales price to continue to rise as demand increases and supply remains relatively low in Milwood. Now could be a great time to sell in Milwood if you are ready to move or move up! For a free specific market analysis of your home, please contact my office and we would be happy to help. If you are interested in buying a home in Milwood, super low interest rates have made buying a home in the Milwood neighborhood more affordable than ever! Contact us today!

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