The Home Buyer’s Super Bowl – WIN BIG!

The Super Bowl is the grand finale of the NFL season and offers one team the ultimate reward for their meticulous preparation and monumental effort. Everything they have done for the past 6 months has been leading up to this. To the other teams watching, this is just another game. To them, this is the only game. Their focus is intense and their fervor is unmatched.

If you are hoping to buy a home this year, this is your Super Bowl. You are planning and preparing for your moment. In your mind, you are envisioning yourself living in your new home. Relaxing for the first time on your couch in your living room, and enjoying your home is just as rewarding or exhilarating as any player holding up that Lombardi Trophy. This is your Super Bowl, because nothing else matters. Like you, over about 30,000 other people will buy a home in the Austin area this year, but your new home is all that matters. You have worked very hard to get yourself financially ready to buy a home and put yourself in the perfect position to make that dream a reality.

I am going to share with you three quick tips for making sure your Super Bowl is a WIN!

 1.  Preparation. Football teams spending a lot of time scouting out their opponent and practicing their game plan. Bill Belichick once said, “There are no shortcuts to building a team each season. You build the foundation brick by brick.” To buy a house and move smart, you need to build a good foundation and be prepared. Research the costs of buying a home or download my FREE Guide so have enough money. Talk to a lender to find out how much you qualify for and what your payments will be. Visit some open houses to figure out what types of homes and what features are important. Each of these things can save you time and money and can help you WIN in buying your home!

2.  Coaching. It’s been said that “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth.” The teams that play in the Super Bowl all have coaches that have helped their players grow until they’ve reached the top. When you’re buying your home, you need great coaches who you can trust. Your family and friends are not your coaches – they’re your fans. You need a great lender who can do an amazing job and find just the right loan for your financial situation. You also need a real estate agent who can negotiate an awesome deal for you and make sure your interests are protected. The right coaches can help you win!

3.  Execution. Tony Dungy said, “You don’t win on emotion. You win on execution.” For football players, they can practice and have great coaching, but unless they make the play, they won’t win. My advice to you is this: You have a dream to buy a home. You have prepared for this moment. You selected some great coaches to help you win. Stick to the plan. Don’t let your emotion make you offer more than you can afford because you have to have THIS house. Don’t let your emotions make you settle for the wrong house. You have a plan! Follow the plan and you’ll win!

I help people like you find the right house and win. If you want to Move Smart and win, contact me with the information in the notes below and I’ll help you find that perfect house to call your own and enjoy the next Super Bowl in.

Be safe, enjoy the game and good luck in your Home Buying Super Bowl!

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Austin’s Top Moments from 2016

What a year 2016 has been! What stands out to you from the year now almost behind us? With the year coming to a close, I wanted to take a look back on the most memorable, controversial and newsworthy stories in Austin for 2016. Here are five…
  • In an event that hosted likely the most famous visitor to Austin this year and the cause of the most traffic gridlock in one day, President Obama visits SXSW in March to talk tech and how that industry can help solve some of our nations problems (LINK). First Lady Michelle Obama also was there to talk female empowerment and to promoter her “Let Girls Learn” initiative (LINK)
  • In the most publicized local political story of the year, Uber & Lyft leave Austin in May after losing the Prop. 1 Referendum. This allows numerous Austin start-ups to take over the unregulated ridesharing market in town (LINK) Uber & Lyft met with city council staffers in August as a first step towards trying to bring their services back to town but no  resolution has happened yet (LINK)
  • In probably the most controversial Austin story of the year, local Austinite, Jordan Brown, drew national attention when he sued Whole Foods for allegedly writing an anti-gay slur on a cake he ordered from its bakery. Whole Foods responded swiftly  denying Brown’s story and releasing a video contradicting his claim. Brown quickly dropped his suit and the grocer dropped its counter-suit (LINK).
  • Odds are pretty good you know someone directly affected by this next piece of news. Dell merges with EMC in September in a deal worth $58 Billion. The now combined companies are Central Texas’ largest private employer with some 140,000 employees (LINK)
  • The most recurring piece of news for Austin this year (and the last number of years) is the 157 people per day who moved to the Austin area mid-2014 to mid-2015 (LINK). Austin’s growth ranks No. 2 nationwide for cities of at least 500,000 people, but the suburbs are actually growing much swifter (LINK)
What stands out to you from 2016? Please share with me because it’s more interesting when I hear from a voice not in my head.
And Three Bonus Stories…
  • In news that matters more than anything else to a lot of people in Austin, Tom Herman becomes the new head coach of the Texas Longhorns. Charlie Strong is Fired (LINK).
  • Perhaps the saddest news of the year was the tragic death of 16 people in a hot air balloon crash in Lockhart (LINK)
  • Water levels in local lakes continue to rise and recover from lows during the recent drought. In November, Lake Travis was the highest it had been in 8 years (LINK) and some lakes had to close to recreational boating because they were too high (LINK)!

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Austin Market Update – July 2016

Rather watch than read? Click the Image for the video!
Rather watch than read? Click the Image for the video!

The Austin Board of Realtors just released the official numbers for the month of July and in the City of Austin, the average sales price hit $345,000 in July 2016, a 4.6 percent increase from last year, while the number of homes sold in July declined by 7.3 percent. Housing inventory rose slightly from 2.1 months in July 2015 to 2.4 months in July 2016 and homes spent four more days on the market than the previous year.

What do those numbers mean? Well, home values in Central Texas continue to increase, which is great news for homeowners, but I believe those rising prices are starting to have cooling effect on the number of homes sold because of affordability. Home buyers, especially first time home buyers are being pushed further and further from Central Austin because they can’t afford the high prices. This will effect demand in Austin which should slow rising home values in Austin.
If you want to know more about the market in Williamson County, check out this post. If you have any questions about real estate or are thinking of buying a home, drop me a note or call me and I’d be happy to help!

What is the BEST Open House Question?


Rather Watch Than Read? Click Image for Video!
  • Ask the WHY, not the WHAT
  • Get the Sellers’ Insight

Every weekend, thousands of people leave their air conditioned homes to visit open houses. If you are going to give up a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to look at houses, I’m sure you want it to be profitable – useful – and feel like your time was worth it (Are you thinking of a move? I can make it easier – Let’s Connect!). If you want your open house visits to be as valuable as possible, you need to ask the right questions. What is the most common question I get at an open house? I already answered that in this blog post. 

The best questions will always focus on information you can’t find in a flyer or MLS listing – they will focus on the hidden details. So, what is the best question to ask? I couldn’t narrow it down to only one so here are the top two:

What do the sellers like MOST about this home?

The answer to this question can be very valuable because it will often highlight something about the home of area that you would be very hard to convey or understand unless you are actually at the home. Maybe the sellers love the floor plan or the neighborhood. Maybe they like the schools or the back yard has an amazing sunset view that you could never truly appreciate unless you saw the backyard for yourself. The answer could be any number of things, but it is most likely something that you would never learn from a flyer, MLS listing or the information I have already shared in social media leading up to my open house (Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube!).

The second best question to ask is…

Why are the sellers moving?

If you read my other post, you know that this is also the most common question I get at an open house. It is also a very good question that I recommend you ask on a visit to an open house. This is information that probably only the agent knows and it can be super helpful. The reasons the seller is moving is moving might be the same reasons that the home wouldn’t be a good fit for you but you haven’t considered yet. Also, maybe the home is a great fit for your needs, but knowing the answer to that question can give you extra insight into the house, neighbors or neighborhood!

If you have any questions about real estate or are thinking of buying a home, drop me a note or call me and I’d be happy to help!

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Open Houses – What is the Most Common Question?


What is the most common open house question
Rather Watch Than Read? Click Image for Video!
  • There are no bad questions
  • Some questions give special insight

I do a lot of open houses – usually 2-3 a week. That adds up to 8-12 a month and almost 150 a year! I get a lot of questions from people that visit the houses I am holding open – no “bad” questions, but definitely some better than others. So I was thinking the other day, what is the most common question asked at an open house?

At first thought, you might think something like “What is the price?” or “How many square feet are there in this home?” I do get those questions often, but many times people come in to an open house already knowing a lot of information about an open house from what is posted online or what I have shared in social media leading up to my open house (Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube!)

I do get plenty of weird questions about a home but I am fine answering anything coming from a curious buyer (do YOU know someone looking to make a move? Introduce us!). All that being said, what is the most common question I get from visitors at my open houses???

Why are the sellers moving?

If you think about it, this is actually a really good question! This is information that probably only the agent knows – you can’t find it on the MLS, Zillow or in a flyer. It is also information that can be super helpful. The reasons the seller is moving is moving might be the same reasons that the home wouldn’t be a good fit for you but you haven’t considered yet. Also, maybe the home is a great fit for your needs, but knowing the answer to that question can give you extra insight into the house, neighbors or neighborhood!

The perfect follow up question to this is, What is the BEST question to ask an agent at an open house? I’ll be answering that in my next blog post so check back soon or, even better, FOLLOW my blog so you are notified when that next post comes!

If you have any questions about real estate or are thinking of buying a home, drop me a note or call me and I’d be happy to help!

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Knowing WHEN to Sell in 2014 – FREE Guide

Strategic Guide for Savvy Home Sellers

Home sellers who are considering selling their home in 2014 will have to make a few very important decisions. These decisions can affect how much money they will make, how easy or difficult the experience is and how quickly their new plans can become a reality. Arguably the most important and impactful decision sellers will make will be which agent they will chose to sell their home, but deciding when to put the home on the home on the market is a close second. My Strategic Guide for Savvy Home Sellers – Timing the Market looks specifically at when is the best time for savvy sellers to put their home up for sale. To make this decision, savvy sellers will look at supply and demand, pricing trends and buyer trends. With interest rates, buyer demand and the number of homes available for sale in 2014 all projecting to be very close to the levels of 2013, savvy sellers will lean heavily on how the market performed last year to come up with the best strategy. Click HERE for my FREE Guide…

Here are some of the questions answered:

  • When will homes sell the fastest?
  • When do home owners receive offers closest to their asking price?
  • When is the least or most competition for buyers?

Download the FREE Guide >>> Timing the Market in 2014

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Housing Market Recap for 2013

The Austin Board of REALTORS recently released the housing market’s final statistics for 2013. The trend of strong growth continued last year with improvements in every key area of measurement. The number of homes sold in 2013 grew +19% over 2012, to 30,710 homes with an average sales price of $284,614 – 7.6% higher than last year. Two of the most significant metrics are average price per square foot – a better measurement of property appreciation than average sales price – and average day on market – the average amount of time homes sold for in Austin. The average price per square foot of homes sold in Austin in 2013 grew 9.4% versus 2012 to $133/sq.ft. Also, homes in Austin sold in 2013 in an average of 47 days, down 27% from 2012 the average time to sell was 65 days.

Downtown Austin

The strong 2013 housing market should see continued growth in 2014 as the demand for homes continues to rise while inventory of homes available for purchase struggles to catch up. These numbers are reflective of

the Austin area housing market as a whole and certain neighborhoods saw slightly stronger or weaker growth than the average. For specific information on your neighborhood, drop me a note and I’ll be happy to help! Considering selling this year? Check back for my upcoming post on knowing the BEST time to sell in 2014 (Can’t wait? Just give me a call…).

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The Kyle Pfaffe Real Estate Team