Housing Market Recap for 2013

The Austin Board of REALTORS recently released the housing market’s final statistics for 2013. The trend of strong growth continued last year with improvements in every key area of measurement. The number of homes sold in 2013 grew +19% over 2012, to 30,710 homes with an average sales price of $284,614 – 7.6% higher than last year. Two of the most significant metrics are average price per square foot – a better measurement of property appreciation than average sales price – and average day on market – the average amount of time homes sold for in Austin. The average price per square foot of homes sold in Austin in 2013 grew 9.4% versus 2012 to $133/sq.ft. Also, homes in Austin sold in 2013 in an average of 47 days, down 27% from 2012 the average time to sell was 65 days.

Downtown Austin

The strong 2013 housing market should see continued growth in 2014 as the demand for homes continues to rise while inventory of homes available for purchase struggles to catch up. These numbers are reflective of

the Austin area housing market as a whole and certain neighborhoods saw slightly stronger or weaker growth than the average. For specific information on your neighborhood, drop me a note and I’ll be happy to help! Considering selling this year? Check back for my upcoming post on knowing the BEST time to sell in 2014 (Can’t wait? Just give me a call…).

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The Kyle Pfaffe Real Estate Team

Austin Board of REALTORS Pulls Listings from Zillow, Trulia & Others…So What?


This month, the Austin Board of Realtors (ABoR) made the decision to end their agreement with List Hub at the end of their current contract next summer. List Hub is a syndication service which has distributed the home listings in ABoR’s MLS to various 3rd party websites like Trulia and Zillow. This effectively means that homes listed by Austin REALTORS will stop showing up on 3rd party websites next summer.

Why does this matter? About 95% of all home buyers begin their home search on the internet. Zillow and Trulia and 1 & 2 respectively for most visited real estate websites in the US. If you are considering listing your home for sale in the Greater Austin area any time during or after next summer, you definitely need to be asking any REALTOR you interview how they will market you home online and how they will offset this potential loss in visibility for your home.

Why did ABoR make this decision? Two major issues are driving this change – data inaccuracies on 3rd party websites & lost leads. There has been a history of data inaccuracies on the listings on most 3rd party websites and it can be very difficult and frustrating for REALTOR’s to try to fix. These errors ultimately reflect poorly on the REALTOR’s who are left to answer for the mistakes, even when they had nothing to do with them. ABoR also came to this decision because many of the home buyer leads are going to agents who pay those 3rd party websites for them, instead of the agents who hold the listings or who are trying to drive the web traffic to their own websites.

Will this affect people who list with me? NO! First of all, I am already marketing my listings on a wide variety of web platforms BEYOND what most REALTORS use that is getting exposure for my clients homes that others might never receive. Second, as a agent at Keller Williams, my listings are distributed on over 350 online search engines and 76,000 websites – ABoR’s decision will have essentially no effect on the exposure I get for my clients!

If you have more questions about this change or would like information on how I use an array of online platforms to maximize my clients homes for sale, contact me and I would be happy to help however I can!

by Kyle Pfaffe, REALTOR®      e: KylePfaffe@kw.com      m: 512-636-9707      w: AustinHomes4You.com

The Kyle Pfaffe Real Estate Team

Northwest Austin Real Estate Update – June 2012

The Austin Board of Realtors recently released the statistics for the month of June for Austin. This report is going to focus on the recent activity in northwest Austin (NW) which includes but is not limited to the neighborhoods of Milwood, Rattan Creek, Anderson Mill, Jollyville and Balcones.

In June, there was one less sold listing in NW (89 vs. 90) but the average sold price increased 7.3% to $263,812.  The average days on market for a home sold in June in the northwest were 43 compared to 51 in 2011. Also, homes are selling for 98.3% of their list price, an increase from 97.4% in 2011. In summary, while about the same number of homes sold in 2012 as 2011, those home are selling on average for a higher price and more quickly than they did in 2011. The higher sale prices drove the total volume up 6% in 2012 to $23.5 million.

Year-to-date, 10% more homes have sold in the NW with over $93.2 million in real estate transactions being finalized. Austin’s market is HOT! Please contact me if you are interested in receiving a free market analysis of your home or interested in buying a home. With historic interest rates available, now is a great time to buy a home!

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