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2012 Real Estate Market Report for Austin, TX

How was the Real Estate Market in Austin for 2012? The real estate market in Austin, TX saw incredible growth in 2012. After an extremely busing January, I finally had time to put this information together and wanted to get it out as soon as I could with it being late already. The graph below […]

2012 Milwood Market Report

How Was the Market in Milwood for 2012? The real estate market in Milwood had some tremendous growth in 2012. After a crazy January month for me, I finally had time to sit down and look at how the market performed and wanted to share some number with you. All of this information is visibly […]

The Obama Effect and the Austin Real Estate Market

A Four Year Review of How the Austin Real Estate Market has Performed During the Obama Presidency Today is Inauguration Day, the 4 year anniversary of when Barak Obama was first sworn in as the 44th presided of the United States of America. On this day, I wanted to take a look at the real […]

How is the Austin Real Estate Market Doing? The July Report…

The Austin Board of Realtors recently released its number for the month of July and they showed no indication of a slowdown in the local market. For the 7th consecutive month in 2012, July 2012 had more sold units versus the previous year, up almost 13% to 2462 units. A few other numbers of interest… […]