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Veteran’s Day Remembered

Today, November 11th, is Veteran’s Day – a celebration of the signing of the Treaty of┬áVersailles in 1918┬áthat marked the end of World War I in Europe and is now a special time to remember all of the veterans who have served our great country in every war. I am especially thankful for the sacrifice […]

How to Prepare for the End of Daylight Savings Time

This Sunday at 2 AM, Daylight Savings Time will end. For me, this will probably mean that my kids will be in my room waking me up at 6 AM. For some of my friends, I know it will be even earlier! Here are a few tips on how to better prepare for the DST […]

Reflections and Lessons on My 30th Birthday

Today is my 30th birthday and, as a general reflective person, I cannot help but look back on the 30 (short) years of my life and make a notes on my thoughts. I am writing this because I am flushing out my thoughts on paper, an exercise I find gives me focus and allows me […]

Why is This Guy Writing About Something Other Than Real Estate?

Why is a real estate guy writing on anything but real estate? Good question. Before any other explaining, I first want to say that real estate is a huge part of my life, but my world is bigger than my job (it better be, with an amazing wife and two adorable kids) and I know […]