Know Your Neighborhood

The personal safety of you and your family should always come first. Discover the lowest crime neighborhoods in any city or town before you invest or select a location for your home or business.


City of Austin | Searches may be accomplished using zip code geographic boundaries or the census tract Search anywhere in the city through an interactive mapping program called Crime Report Viewer

Crime Reports | The nation’s largest collection of law enforcement agencies committed to transparency, public access, and citizen engagement. This map system helps residents see and understand where crime is happening in their neighborhood and engage with their local law enforcement agencies.

SpotCrime | Maps crime incidents, plots them on Google Maps, and delivers alerts via email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, RSS and a multitude of other platforms. The data comes from police departments, news reports and user-generated content.

Neighborhood Scout | An instant objective assessment of property and violent crime risks and rates for every U.S. address and neighborhood. Offering seamless national coverage and up to 90% accuracy.


Criminal History Name Search | History/ Provided By The Texas Department of Public Safety Information includes arrests, prosecutions and the disposition of the case for persons arrested for Class B misdemeanor or greater violation of Texas criminal statutes.


USA Police Stations by Highway Route | http// A database of 20,000+ Police Departments Local Police Departments for non-emergency issues.

If you have an emergency contact 911

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