The Holidays…The Worst Time to Sell Your Home?

The Holidays are the WORST time to sell your home! This is something I’ve heard many people say and is a common belief for two reason. First, people do not want to deal with the hassle of showing their home during the holidays. With parties, meals and family visiting, having your home ready for buyers to look at seems daunting. Second, since it is the holidays, no one is looking to move right now so you’re wasting your time listing your house anyways! So that’s the question for today – are the holidays really the worst time to sell your home? True or False.
I don’t have the time to share with you right now when is the WORST time to sell your house, but it is NOT over the holidays. Here are a few reasons that selling your home during the holidays could be perfect for you.
  • First, there is less competition for buyers than any other times. Most people don’t want to list their home during the holidays, which means if you do, you won’t have the same competition from other homes for sale that you would in the summernumber-of-homes-for-sale. Thinking about supply and demand is important. There are less buyers (demand) during the holidays but there are also a lot less homes for sale (supply). As a result, the supply and demand ratios are very similar to the summer when most people think is the BEST time to sell. See the chart for the trends of how many homes are for sale each month. If you live in a desirable neighborhood, this could have more of an impact than you realize – you might be one of the ONLY options for someone who wants to live in your subdivision – that’s a great position to be in!
  • Second… Go to for the rest…
 … Anyways, I hope this REAL ANSWER has been helpful for you. If you have a question that you would like the REAL ANSWER to, click here to ask a question or go here to see the real answer to other real estate questions.

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