Four FREE Ways to Make Your Home More Appealing to Buyers

Not everyone has $10,000 to remodel their kitchen or bathroom, replace all the appliances or put in a new hardwood floor – all things that stand out to a lot of buyers right now. All of those upgrades increase the value of a home. If are thinking about selling your home and you have little or no money to increase the value of your home, you can still consider ways to increase what I call the “sellability” (not a real word? maybe not…) of your home. Increasing the sellability of your home means to make it more appealing to more buyers, including doing things that might not actually increase your home’s resale value.

1. De-Clutter – Remove any unnecessary items throughout your home. If you’re not going to be taking it with you when you move, why not throw it away now? Clean off your kitchen counters, bathroom counters, bookcases and desks – if it isn’t absolutely needed, pack it away! Beside making your home look clean, de-cluttering also makes your home look more spacious and open!

2. De-Personalize – Remember, you don’t want a buyer to be thinking “I wonder what the owners are like.” You want them to be envisioning themselves in your home. Remove personal items like pictures, keepsakes and anything else that might keep a buyer from picturing themselves in your home.

3. Clean – Nothing could turn off a buyer as fast as a dirty home. Clean your home before pictures are taken and it is put on the market and periodically to keep it fresh. You likely will still live in your home while selling it, so take this advice with a grain of salt – buyers understand that you are still living in the home. However, a buyer might make a judgment on how well you have maintained the home based on how clean it is or isn’t – always give them the best perception!

Ugly Room

4. Make Minor Repairs – This can cost you a little bit of money, but replacing or fixing any small things that are broken or damaged can make a huge difference. Fix leaking faucets, holes in walls, and doors that won’t properly open or close. Replace burnt out light bulbs or broken fixtures. Touch up any paint or marks on walls and consider repainting any rooms with bold or bright colors – neutral colors are easiest (you don’t want to be THIS home). Also, you can ask your agent what items might come up on an inspection report that you could take care of before you list the home.

Regardless of whether you spend $0 or $10,000, a good real estate agent will help you maximize the value you get from selling your home by maximizing the sellability of your home. He or she will make sure that your home is marketed and presented such that it looks as appealing to buyers as possible. This can create more demand for your home among buyers, which could raise the price you could get for your home (increase sellability and value!).

If you have questions or anything else I can help with, drop me a note and I’d be happy to help!

By Kyle PfaffeREALTOR® e: m: 512-636-9707 w:

One thought on “Four FREE Ways to Make Your Home More Appealing to Buyers

  1. Good Article as I know Austin is the Land of Milk and Honey when it comes to buying quickly; however, that $10k remodel job the buyer/seller don’t have I originate those everyday with our renovation mortgages and Texas is my backyard. Conventional or FHA we can handle, just in case you run into that problem. Take Care..

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