Veteran’s Day Remembered

Today, November 11th, is Veteran’s Day – a celebration of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1918 that marked the end of World War I in Europe and is now a special time to remember all of the veterans who have served our great country in every war. I am especially thankful for the sacrifice of a few of my relatives who have our country in the military and for the friends I know who have also served. Every Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day, I have three specific thoughts that come to mind. First, I am reminded of the sacrifices that millions of American’s have made to give our country the freedoms that we enjoy every days as well as the sacrifices they made to share that freedom with billions of oppressed people in our world. Second, I have a somber though in remembrance of the ultimate sacrifice that my wife Kimberly’s cousin Ben made when he lost his life securing freedom in Iraq.

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The third thing that always comes to mind is a lighter though and comes from my days in elementary school when we would celebrate “Great American’s Day” every November 11th. Each student would write an essay about the sacrifices and exploits that made each individual a “Great American” and would dress up as that person for a contest and program at our school on Veteran’s Day. This activity is something from my childhood that I will never forget and always made me more appreciated of the diversity and sacrifices that so many have made for our country. A few of the people I can remember being were Neil Armstrong, Blackhawk, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone and Norman Schwarzkopf (I hope you enjoyed some of these pictures from my much younger days!).

Now as a real estate agent, I know of the some of the great programs that the Department of Veteran’s Affairs offer to greatly assist veterans who would like to purchase homes and have had the privilege to work with some veterans to make use of these programs. I may not like every way that our government spends our tax dollars, but I am thankful for every dollar we spend to help those who have sacrificed for our country!

Thanks for reading and if you have any special memories for Veteran’s Day or ways you thank veterans for their service, please share!

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