Now is the PERFECT Time to Buy or Sell a Home? Not So Fast…

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I just wanted to stop for a minute to share with you a thought on something I have been hearing a lot of agents saying about our current real estate market. Whether it is on TV or radio commercials, on Facebook or some other form of advertising, I have heard agents say “Now is the PERFECT time to buy or sell a home!”

Frankly, I think this statement is misleading and overgeneralized. Imagine if I told you and everyone that I met that “Now is the PERFECT time!” Certainly that wouldn’t not be true for everyone I spoke to.

Telling someone that “Now is the PERFECT time to buy” without considering that individuals unique circumstances, finances and the availability of homes that meet their criteria is making quite the assumption. And to tell a homeowner that “Now is the PERFECT time to sell” without considering the market conditions of their specific neighborhood along with a number of other factors, could be TERRIBLE advice.

My recommendation to anyone thinking about buying or selling a home right now is this: make sure to speak with a qualified agent who knows your market and who you trust to give you advice that is in your best interest!

If you have questions or anything else I can help with, drop me a note and I’d be happy to help! Thinking of selling still this year and taking advantage of this record breaking market? Click Here to receive your FREE copy of my Strategic Guide for the Savvy Home Seller – Timing the Market in 2014.

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