How to Protest Your Property Taxes for Travis County or Williamson County

Attention Home Owners! You should have received your tax-assessed valuation for 2013 in the mail from the county by now or should receive it shortly. Unfortunately, the county often does not get an accurate valuation of your house because they simply value your home according to the area. If you believe that the county has assessed your property at a value that is higher than it is worth, effectively increasing the property taxes you owe, you can protest it with the county appraisal district to have it corrected and we can help!Property Taxes

We can help you by pulling market comps for homes that were sold in your neighborhood during the correct time frame and give you advice on the best ways to protest your valuation to give you a better chance of lowering the taxes you owe! Drop me a note or call me at 512-636-9707 for help or to receive our tip sheet to protest your taxes.

Property Tax Protest in Travis County, CLICK HERE.

Property Tax Protest in Williamson County, CLICK HERE.

Here are some frequent questions:

How do I determine my home’s market value? You can contact your REALTOR who can provide you with market data for homes recently sold in your neighborhood, collect purchase prices from your neighbors who have recently bought homes in your neighborhood or you can contract a company who specializes in assisting with tax valuation protests.

Should I appeal my property valuation? If you believe that your home is actually worth more than the assessed value, then NO. If you believe that the property valuation given to you by your county appraisal district is too high, then YES!

When should I receive my property valuation? The county appraisal districts begin mailing out your valuations after April 15. Most homeowners will have received their valuations.

How long do you have to appeal? You have until May 31st or 30 days after you receive your valuation to appeal (whichever is later).

Why is tax-assessed value different from market value? Simply put, assessed value is what the county believes that your property is worth. They attempt to set values at market values, but generally make changes according to your area or neighborhood. They do not evaluate an individual market analysis of your home or account for differences in size, location, amenities, condition or other various factors. A market value takes into consideration all of those factors and is individualized for your home.
For a Tip and FAQs guide from Gracy Title >> Gracy Title Tax Appraisal Tip Sheet

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The Kyle Pfaffe Real Estate Team

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