Do I Really Need a Home Inspection?

A common question I have people ask me is whether or not they really need a home inspection when they buy a home in the Austin area. I have had clients say, “The home looks like it is in really great condition and the owners look like they have taken good care of the home. I’m sure everything is fine. Besides, an inspection costs around $400 and I really could use the money for something else.”

You will not be required by your lender to have an inspection on your home before you purchase it (unless you are using a VA loan – that requires a Wood Destroying Insect [WDI] Inspection). That being said, I always recommend that my clients have a home inspection prior to purchasing a house.

Why You Need a Home Inspection When Buying a Home in the Austin Area

  1. No matter how good the home looks on the surface, you never really know the condition of a home without an inspection by a professional. What you overlook can cost you huge in the future.
  2. Spending $300-$400 now can save you a lot of money it the future. The inspection is usually performed during your option period so you can back out of the contract if the home has major issues. You can also negotiate for some repairs to be performed by the sellers prior to closing
  3. With an inspection, you get a lot of good information and reports on the home. Most inspections will include an energy audit of the home for free. You can also get a termite inspection or a foundation inspection (usually free as well).
  4. You know what you have to fix. Even if there are no major issues, an inspection will tell you what maintenance items you need to address when you move in to prevent future issues.

What reports are included with a home inspection?

Most home inspections are just a “general home inspection.” They inspect almost every area of the home and give you a general report. Some inspectors provide more detailed reports for different areas and you can always order more detailed reports in certain areas. Those would include foundation inspections, WDI or termite inspections, septic inspections and energy audits.

I’ll be writing another blog post soon that you’ll probably be interested in… What makes a good home inspector?

If you have any questions about getting an inspection, when to get an inspection or any other issues concerning the sale or purchase of a home in Austin, drop me a note or text/call me at 512-636-9707 and I’d be happy to help.

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