Experimental Starbucks – Is This the Future?

Your New Starbucks Might be Delivered on a Semi

Wait…Why is this guy writing about something other than Real Estate?

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No, really. Starbucks has opened an experimental new Starbucks in Colorado that is small (very), portable and hyper-local. Delivered on a semi-bed and unlike almost any other Starbucks you have been to, this store has no comfy leather chairs, no tables or bars to work on your laptop and no free power outlets. It’s the coffee-shop version of the “modern modular” – a 500 sq.ft. Starbucks store with a walk-up shop, a LEED-certified drive, minus the cozy lobby. I’ve hit the highlights, but CLICK HERE for a awesome, comprehensive article on the design and implementation of this new concept.

My question for YOU – What is Starbucks to you? All about the drink or more about the community and environment of the coffee shop? Take the POLL!

Is community the business-driver or is the espresso drink? Does Starbucks only need hot, tasty drinks and hip white cups with the green Starbucks logo all the soccer-moms carry as their most inexpensive status symbol to remain profitable and relevant? I suppose its little of both – the branded drink and the community feel appeal to two different customer bases and while this experimental Starbucks will only really work for the former, the latter will likely drive a few more miles for the comfy leather chair and the free power-outlet. Time will tell, but I applaud Starbucks for thinking outside the box (the 2,000 sq.ft. store box, that is) and trying something progressive and efficient.

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