What is the Milwood Neighborhood Like?

Neighborhood Profile for Milwood and Rattan Creek

Data from Census Block 204.11/2

According to data taken from the most recent U.S. Census taken in 2010 and from tax data, Milwood has approximately 1723 people living in the neighborhood, with the average household having 3 people. At the time of the census, the median home value was $200,200. Listed below are a few other statistics of note for the Milwood neighborhood in Austin, TX.

  • Average Household Income > $85,704
  • 63% of Residents are between the ages of 25-64 and 27% are 17 or younger
  • Homes with married couples make up 58% of the residents
  • 71% of residents have at least some college education
  • 74% of homes are owner occupied with the other 26% being rented out

Click Milwood – Neighborhood Profile for the full report. If you have any help or questions on Milwood, Rattan Creek or 78729, Contact Me today!

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Household Income – Milwood (78729)

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