Gattis Elementary School

Relationships, Relevance, Rigor

Gattis Elementary School is within Round Rock Ranch at 2920 Round Rock Ranch Road, Round Rock, Texas 78664. This elementary school is part of the prestigious Round Rock Independent School District and has a current enrollment of approximately 800 students. The most recent T.E.A. Rating (Texas Education Agency) for Gattis Elementary was EXEMPLARY! This is the highest possible rating and, to achieve this, a school must have 90% of students must pass two different tests and must have a dropout rate of no higher than .2%. Gattis Elementary has a great online parent resource center (Click Here) and an active PTA (Click Here). The campus vision statement is,  “At Gattis we will exceed Exemplary performance by fostering relationships between students, staff, and the community. We will cultivate college and career readiness through a relevant and rigorous curriculum.”

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