Round Rock Ranch Real Estate Market Report for 2002-2011

In the past ten years, the Round Rock Ranch subdivision has seen its share of ups and down in the real estate market. Looking at all the homes sold in the Round Rock Ranch subdivision, one can see significant changes in the number of homes sold, average home prices, number of days on market and price per square foot. While many key real estate indicators have declined, there is some reason for optimism for those looking to sell their home in Round Rock Ranch in 2012. Round Rock Ranch is seeing stronger numbers across every category this year! For the most recent 2012 real estate report, Click Here. Please call or email me for more information on your particular home or on opportunities to buy or sell real estate in Round Rock Ranch

Number of Home Sold

The number of homes sold reached a peak with the rest of the market in 2005, with 73 homes selling that year. That number gradually declined to its lowest mark in 2010 of only 24 homes and rebounded to 35 homes sold in 2011.

Average Home Sales Prices & Average Price Per Square Foot

The average price for a home in Round Rock Ranch grew to its highest point in 2007 at $163,898. From there prices has slowly dwindled to only $155,362 on average. The average price per square foot in Round Rock Ranch peaked at $82.63 in 2005 and has since gone down to only $73.55 in 2011.

Average Days on Market

The average number of days it has taken for a home to sell in Round Rock Ranch has seen more fluctuation than any other key indicator over the past 10 years. A home took longest to sell in 2006, averaging 79 days. That number shrank to an all-time low of only 42 days in 2009 and has since gone back up to 46 days.

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